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Why Whole Foods are Better for You

Why Whole Foods are Better for You


A whole food is a real food, like, say, broccoli.  There’s not a long list of ingredients on a package – which you can’t read and don’t understand. Manufactured and fast foods are easy  and, let’s face it, a lot of them are really tasty.  But, at what cost?
Did you know that refined and sugary food products (chips and soda, for example) are broken down by the body really quickly – because they are refined! This quick breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to spike (the sugar rush) and then fall.  When this process takes place over and over (as a result of all of those sugary, refined foods that we’ve come to love) the pancreas comes under pressure, as it is constantly asked to produce insulin to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Whole foods like whole grains, fresh vegetable and fruits do not break down so quickly in the body, so glucose levels do not spike so dramatically.  So, treat your body to more whole foods and give the pancreas a break, reducing your chance of insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

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