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The Gardening Project – 02/24/13



It was a beautiful and springy here in P’town today – a good day for another commando gardening session.  Mac and Lulu  watch intently trying to figure out if I’m digging for bones.

No bones, still clearing out weeds and debris from a garden left unattended for quite awhile.  But I’m starting to make progress –  uncovered some paths and pavers, the peonies are peeking out, daffodils are starting to bloom and lots of other things are starting to pop up.  So, some pics below show progress – the ones on the left are from 02/11/13 and the ones to the right are from today.

DSCN3010      DSCN3149

The roses on the arbor are looking pretty sad – I don’t know if they are going to make it.

DSCN3013     DSCN3146

Pavers in the shade garden found today!

DSCN3004     DSCN3151

Many more weeds to go – but you can see the dirt now and I’ve uncovered some borders.

DSCN3008     DSCN3148

Daffodils are happy in the sun.  Love Spring.

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