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The Gardening Project – Week of February 11, 2013

The Gardening Project – Week of February 11, 2013

The gardening project began in earnest this year in February.  I want to track my progress.

DSCN3015        DSCN3013       DSCN3008

This is the part of the garden which will not be as sunny.  It has bulbs, lenten roses, forsythia, dutch iris and butterfly bushes, to name a few things.  In addition it has LOTS of wild raspberries and weeds.

GOAL:  shady garden spot – maybe with some hydrangeas and more bulbs?  we’ll see.


DSCN3010      DSCN3004      DSCN3012

This is sunnier area – climbing roses on the arbor ( which I built – don’t know how long that will last! – brother Steve did help me – but only after I had set the post myself, not exactly how he would have recommended), peonies, day lilies to name a few (can’t remember all that is supposed to be there – we’ll see what appears!)

GOAL:  Wait and See!


DSCN3027      DSCN3029

Small fenced area on side of house, originally installed so that Lulu & Mac would have a safe enclosed area.  But of course no dog wanted to stay in that area, so we ended up with an electronic fence around most of the yard (excluding the garden, which I knew they would destroy) and the fenced area is just kind of there for now.

GOAL:  a pretty shady spot to sit and relax.




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