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Testimonials & Comments

I am proud to share what some of my clients have to say about my services….

Alison says, “…your class was so helpful in a practical way – makes me very aware of new ways of eating and shopping.  Thanks a bunch.”

JO says, “We are all losing weight at our house!  J is the best, down 12 pounds.  I have lost eleven, J about 7 or 8, M same as J.  Thank you for helping us make this transition to healthier eating.”

KH says, “I have lost the rest of my baby weight and have more energy than I had before.  I knew I wanted to eat better but I didn’t know how.   After the education, the cooking lesson really sealed the deal because now I know how to cook for my family and maintain what we learned at home.”

Dick says, “Learning what my body can process and learning how to make better food choices has eliminated my need to take prescription medications for cholesterol, a weight loss of over 40 pounds, and better fitness through regular exercise.  This works and it does not take long to see measurable results.”

Tim says, “I learned:  always check the ingredients…because less is more.”

DH says, “Dianne, the meal was fabulous!!!  Thank you so much!!”

To see what the Winston Salem Journal says, click here.

LS says, “Thanks for sharing your recipes…it turned out delicious.  My daughter is a registered dietician and a nutritionist and was very impressed with your website.”

SB says, “You received rave reviews…We were still talking about the fun last nite…I learned some helpful tips and am anxious to try out the recipes on my husband.  Many thanks.”