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How Can Healthy Foods Matter Help You?

Services provided by Healthy Foods Matter can make you a savvier food shopper and a better cook!  Whether the goal is simply to improve the quality of your meal plan or to address a particular health concern, I will work with you to develop the skills and knowledge to make healthier choices.  Cooking and kitchen skills are important in creating healthier food plans resulting in improved health profiles!

So, if you need a little change in your habits, a little more nutrition in your menu, a little help getting your kitchen going, let’s talk.  I’d love to hear from you.

Individual Programs

One-to-one program for people who seriously want to make a significant change in their diet and lifestyle.  Goals may include:  weight loss or management, targeting specific conditions which may respond significantly to healthier lifestyle and diet (such as high cholesterol and/or insulin resistance), and controlling cravings.  Additional benefits may include:  more energy and better rest.

My role:

  • help you clarify goals  and set reasonable targets
  • hold you accountable if goals are unmet and help redirect focus to set new targets which are attainable.
  • provide support ,including handouts, menu planning, kitchen skills, label reading, food shopping and any other reasonable information, which can help the you achieve the desired results.

Minimum 3-month commitment.

Price:  $125 per month which can be two (2) 50minute sessions in person on on the phone or one (1) session lasting up to 2 hours which can be used for cooking skills/techniques, grocery shopping tours or setting up a kitchen.

Group Cooking Classes

Perfect for small groups.

  • review the fundamentals of a healthy diet
  • introduce new ways to incorporate healthier foods into your menu planning
  • teach basic kitchen skills, techniques and methods
  • motivate, support and share

Group Classes are designed to be fun and informative and since they all end with tastings (light lunch or dinner) can be scheduled to end at a meal time.  They are great for friends and/or couples and can be scheduled individually or as a series.

Feel free to call or email to tailor a class to suit your needs, prices based on curriculum and number of participants and can be offered in a beautiful, fully equipped and comfortable kitchen.  Call or email for more information.

Other Programs to Consider

  • Healthy Foods Matter can arrange a healthy food tasting for you and your friends, co-workers, or family.
  • Presentation can be arranged for clubs, PTA’s, small businesses or other types of groups: focus on healthier food choices and how to achieve nutritional goals.
  • Company wellness programs can be custom designed to focus on individual or group concerns.  These programs can benefit employees and employers as well.