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Salmonella in Spices

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A good friend informed me of this recent article in the New York Times about the presence of salmonella in spices – especially those imported from Mexico and India.  Farming is actually changing in India to reduce the possibility of contamination (India is the biggest exporter to the US).

It seems we’re becoming all too familiar with salmonella…it keeps popping up in all kinds of foods.  It’s a nasty little bug and can make one very ill.  Remember that bacteria is killed when it reaches certain temperatures, so you may want to take a little extra caution in heating up your spices to avoid health problems later.  Salmonella bacteria is killed when exposed to 167 degrees F for 10 minutes – so make sure you cook your dried herbs and spices to kill any possible bacteria.  Remember pepper is a spice that is generally added at table so you may want to check out where it was produced.

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