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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

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A recent report from the Mayo Clinic finds that almost 70% of Americans take Prescription Drugs and more than half take at least two.  That a lots of drugs – actually $213Billion worth!

The study goes on to explain what type of drugs are prescribed most often and the groups most likely to use (women and older adults).  This link to a CBS New story on the report includes a short video on one of the most commonly prescribed groups of drugs (opioid painkillers),  including hydrocodone and oxycodone.  Antidepressants are also high on the list of prescribed drugs.

There is no doubt that prescription drugs are extremely important to improve and maintain health, and to curb pain and depression.   But as the short video points out, sometimes those prescribing these medicines do not fully understand their impact and how to properly administer them.

This can lead to abuse and more severe problems, so don’t be afraid to ask about consequences or to discuss alternatives.



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