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Method:  Roast

Method: Roast


"veggies prepped for roasting"

This method uses dry heat to surround the food and cook it  – as in the oven.

You can roast meats, vegetables and firm fruits.  The heat surrounding the food cooks it from theoutside in!

Roasting Tips:

  • Keep your oven properly calibrated (or at least know if it’s off so that you can set it at the proper temperature.)
  • Use a heavy roasting pan (it should be relatively shallow relative to the size of the thing you are roasting.
  • If it’s  a large piece of meat, you may want to put it on a rack. That way, the drippings are contained in the pan, but the food can roast on the bottom.
  • Use a meat thermometer if you are roasting meats.  An instant read thermometer is handy.  Refer to cooking charts for temperature readings.  Here’s what the Food Network has to say about meat temperature.
  • When roasting vegetables, combine those that have similar cooking times (ie., potatoes and carrots are both “hard” vegetables and take longer to cook than asparagus – so you wouldn’t want to cook your asparagus with your potatoes.
  • When preparing vegetables, try cutting them in bite-size pieces – they are easy to serve and there are more edges to get nice and brown!

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