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Keep Your Kitchen Free of Bacteria

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This article by Jane Brody in the NYTimes has good information on how to keep your kitchen free of bacteria which otherwise could make you ill.  It includes tips on everything from shopping, to preparing and cleaning.

We’re all alarmed when we hear of illness as a result of product contamination in plants or on farms (like salmonella or E.coli in spinach, beef and other retail products).  However such cases  (which generally receive lots of media attention) don’t result in nearly as many cases of food poisoning as home “accidents” do.  In fact, statistics vary from source to source, but it seems that home kitchen cases may comprise well over 70% of reported cases of food borne illness cases each year.  I guess this means most of us could use a few lessons in kitchen safety.

If you’re unclear about standard operating procedures for keeping your kitchen safe, you may want to take a look.

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