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This is one of my favorite stores.  It’s not small but feels that way just because it is so chock full of good stuff.  When you enter, you are immediately greeted with wonderful aromas and lovely women dressed in colorful saris.  You want to look at everything (which can take some time).

It has:

  • a huge variety of spices and herbs (including medicinal & health/beauty)
  • grains of every type
  • just about every dried bean known to man
  • nuts and beautiful dried fruits
  • candies
  • gourmet and international foods
  • teas and coffees
  • prepared vegetarian foods
  • and lots more

It’s located at 123 Lexington Avenue in NYC and I recommend a visit if you are there.   By the magic of the worldwide internet, you can shop via their website.  It won’t be as much fun and but you may find some things that are hard to find or you may discover something new.

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