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Introducing Lulu & Mac.

Introducing Lulu & Mac.


Despite rather onerous beginnings for each of them Lulu (on the left) and Mac are doing quite well these days.

Lulu is queen bee and Mac’s mentor.  We adopted her almost 4 years ago when she was a very fluffy and spunky puppy (she resembled a furry brick with feet).  She is of mixed heritage, but Australian Shepherd genes account for her herding instincts and one eye that is blue and brown.  Lulu does not like to have her picture taken.

Mac is not one year old yet.  We are not quite sure about any of his heritage.  We do know that he is quite clumsy and lovable, adores Lulu, is fond of digging, and not only likes to have his picture taken but would like to eat the camera.

They are great company and we are so happy to have them with us.


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