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How To Tell if a Pie is Set

How To Tell if a Pie is Set

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The first time you make a custard pie (this would be, say, a quiche or Murray’s chocolate pies), it may be difficult to tell when it is cooked properly.  These pies contain eggs and it’s important to allow them enough time to cook, however the eggs continue to “set” as they cool, so you want to avoid overcooking, right?

If you’re not sure that your pie is done, try inserting a knife tip or a bamboo skewer into the middle of the pie – if it comes out clean, the custard is cooked.  It should feel slightly soft in the middle.  If you gently shake the pie back and forth a bit, it should move, but like a pudding, not like a liquid. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t despair, almost everyone has the same issue.  So when you bake one of these, make note of the temperature and the timing so you can adjust for the the next one, or make it the same way if it was perfect the first time.  Once you know what to look for when a pie “sets”, you will be able to use it for custard pies, quiches, creme anglaise – anything baked that has a custard base.

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