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Helpful articles about medical costs and addictive junk food

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Friends shared 2 separate articles on Facebook yesterday (thank you Marianne & Maureen), and they happen to be on topics of interest to me – medical costs and junk food.

1.  Article by Steven Brill in Time Magazine (medical costs).

2. Article by Michael Moss in The New York Times Magazine (science of addictive junk food.)

Each is well worth the time.  These are 2  big industries in the US (food manufacturers and healthcare), with big influences on Congress ($$ spent on lobbying), advertising budgets and executive pay.  We all rely on them to some degree (we all eat and most of us, sooner or later, need some kind of medical care), and, as all businesses are, they are driven by a profit motive.

Since we are all affected by them,  it’s good to know a little about how they work, and I think these articles shed a little light.

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