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"Cookbook drawing"


Most of us are looking for recipes that are:

  • easy
  • economical
  • tasty
And sometimes we need something a little more special.

Here’s where we can share our favorites.  I’ll be posting recipes that I hope you will enjoy (some will have video tutorials as well).  Please feel free to send me your favorites as well as your comments.  And remember that recipes are guidelines that are usually easy to adjust to your own tastes, so don’t become too constrained by the recipe.

Learn the basics of cooking, identify the flavors and textures that you like and then make dishes your own.

Note:  Joshua Rosenthal (founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became certified as a Health Counselor) taught me the 80/20 theory of eating (or you can change this to 90/10 or 70/30 or whatever works for you).  This theory has worked for Dick & me  – it’s very easy, eliminates counting calories and allows you to indulge in favorite foods which may not be exactly “healthy” or “on your diet”.

  • Choose your ratio (ours is generally 80/20)
  • Eat healthy foods the majority of the time (80% of the time for us)
  • Use your remaining time to eat foods that would not generally be regarded as healthy or good calories!

Some of my favorite recipes fall into the 20% category but rather than omitting them from this blog, I share them with you but they will be properly noted.  So, look for these under “Recipes for the 20%”.  Enjoy them, but use them sparingly!