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Healthy Food and Picky Little Eaters.

Healthy Food and Picky Little Eaters.


Do you have little picky eaters at home?  Well, that can be a real challenge.  But for starters, start early.  Involve children in the kitchen when they are young – let them participate by giving them jobs, like setting the table or folding the napkins.  Let them help make choices – which fruit for dessert?  I have found that many children really love salad – so why not let them be in charge of the “salad station” – they can help choose the ingredients at the store, (include different greens, vegetables, apples or pears, dried fruit or nuts.)  Zyliss makes a plastic lettuce knife that you can purchase at – it’s strong enough to cut lettuce but safe enough for a child to use.  It could be fun?

Try the Sneaky Chef cookbook series by Missy Chase Lapine for ideas.  She has a book on disguising food for adult picky eaters too!

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