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Gardening Update

Gardening Update

I’ve been busy lately and somehow the time flew by.  So, I just wanted to post a quick Gardening Update.  It’s a long way from my “vision”  – but it does look much better than it did.


DSCN3209     DSCN3177     DSCN3149


DSCN3322     DSCN3325     DSCN3344

The peonies were really nice this Spring and provided many bouquets!

DSCN3373     DSCN3371     DSCN3340

The roses did not die after all (they do have black spot so spraying on Friday) and the clematis bloomed with them.

DSCN3329     DSCN3297     DSCN3296


Irises and vibernum returned as well.

DSCN3368     DSCN3365      DSCN3401

Fast forward to geraniums, rose campion and day lilies.

DSCN3404    DSCN3407

Caladium bulbs emerging and Happy Buddha in Japanese anemones.

Happy Gardening!



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