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Fresh Corn Relish

Fresh Corn Relish

As the snow melts I can dream about Fresh Corn Relish, one of summer’s sweetest treats.  Until summer you can  still make a pretty tasty treat with fresh corn from the supermarket or try frozen or canned corn well drained.  It makes a great condiment for your Taco Night!  It’ll really wow you next summer when it’s fresh and sweet so don’t forget!  I’ll try to remember to repost this when the corn is ready.

What To Do With Fresh Corn?

Choose Fresh Corn from the Farmer’s Market or a Local Farmer – it’s worth the time and effort!

Shuck and remove the silk (did you know that corn silk is used to make an herbal tea that is supposed to be good for UTI’s and high blood pressure?)

Lay the corn down on the cutting board (prevents it from flying all over the kitchen the way it does when you stand it on end!) and use a sharp chef’s knife to cut the corn from the cob.  Now you’re ready to make fresh corn relish – and lot’s of other good corny stuff.

Fresh Corn Relish


• Fresh corn on the cob, (1/2 ear if using as relish, 1 ear if using as side dish)
• Sliced scallions or diced red onion
• handful fresh parsley, chopped
• Optional: diced peppers (sweet or hot or combo.)
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• salt & pepper to taste
• shuck corn and cut kernels from cob
• Prepare other ingredients for pan – this is fast
• Heat medium sauté pan to medium high and add just enough oil to lightly cover the bottom
• Working in batches if necessary to prevent crowding the pan, add the corn and saute for several minutes until it starts to brown on the edges and becomes translucent. Remove to bowl and continue until all corn is cooked.
• Lightly sauté the scallion/onions if you like (they can be added raw). Same is true of peppers.
• Add all vegetables and parsley to the bowl, combine and season with salt & pepper.
• Note: Fresh cilantro, basil or tarragon are all good with fresh corn relish.

Use a hot sauté pan with just a little oil.  Don’t overcrowd the pan (cook in batches).  You don’t want to steam the corn – you want it brown a little on the edges.  Fresh corn doesn’t take long – a couple of minutes will do it.  Remove to mixing bowl and continue in batches until all the corn is cooked.

Roasted peppers, jalapeños scallions or red onion, cilantro, basil and mint all make good additions to fresh corn relish.


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