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Cooking on Sunday

Cooking on Sunday


Sunday seemed like a good day to replenish the freezer and refrigerator with some healthy, handy items since we had been indulging over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Also, I wanted to take some items to my parents (my Dad LOVES mini meat loaves and we make those together.  Mom has a condition called gastroparesis which limits her to a soft food diet and I wanted to make her some sweet potato soup.)


So we shopped at Costco and at the new Trader Joe’s in Winston Salem (it’s a great store  – if you haven’t been there yet, you should go) and the grocery store to get a bunch of ingredients and I used the rest of the day to prep and cook.  Here’s what I did:

chicken cooking in pot                                            chopped vegetables for mini meat loafs

  • Cooked a chicken, removed the meat to make a casserole and strained the stock for soup.
  • Prepped and sauteed vegetables for mini meat loaves (recipe to be posted separately).
  • Mushroom-Barley soup (recipe on site) – Dick’s favorite for lunches and freezes well.
  • Sundried tomato pesto (a staple in my refrigerator- recipe on site)
  • Lentil burgers – currently our favorite veggie burger
  • Oatmeal cookies – (recipe to be posted separately)


  • Enough chicken for 3 casseroles (for Dad)
  • 3 quarts chicken stock
  • Veggies for 35 mini meat loaves
  • 12 lentil burgers (in freezer)
  • 2 quarts mushroom barley soup
  • sundried tomato pesto to use for a couple weeks
  • cookies for 1-2 weeks

It was a busy day, but quite productive.  On the following day, I visited my parents and together we finished the meat loaves (which are now in their freezer), made 3 chicken pies (2 in freezer) and 3 quarts of sweet potato soup + 2 quarts of chicken stock which will be used later.

Check the site for recipes and instructions.




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