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Building Blocks


"Child with Blocks"

What makes you healthy?  There’s no short answer.

We’re born with part of it (genes) and part of it depends on our habits (diet, exercise, rest, stress, environment, etc.)  What we know is that the state of health for many people these days is poor.  Ever-increasing cases of obesity and type 2 diabetes add to the mountains of money spent on health care.

Can the trend be reversed?  I say Yes.

Not all health problems can be addressed through lifestyle, but it’s a good place to begin.  Start with a healthy food plan which satisfies personal tastes and needs (some like meat and some don’t, some have plenty of free time while some are constantly on the go.)  But every food plan should include protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, along with a good dose of fiber, calcium and many other nutrients essential for good health.  Include plenty of water and regular exercise.

By understanding what the body needs and knowing that choices have consequences, we can make better informed decisions.  If we spread the good word, perhaps (gradually) the health care crisis will be reversed in the best way possible – by creating healthier people!

“Building Blocks” are things that can help us create better health, including information on macronutrients and phytonutrients (like, what are they, how much do we need and where do we get them).  What kind of exercise do we need and how much?

There is no one size fits all plan – after all we each have our own personal taste buds and schedules.   However, by understanding what we need, I think it is possible for everyone to create a plan that is healthy, achievable, fun and delicious!  And it’s never too soon or too late to choose healthy building blocks.

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