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Amazing Avocados

Amazing Avocados

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Are amazing avocados a regular part of your diet?   We have them often, especially in the summer when they’re in season.  In addition to being delicious, avocados have a good nutritional profile.    Dr. Weil details the benefits of this fruit in this response to an avocado question.

We enjoy salads in the summer time, when it’s hot and I don’t feel like cooking.  With ingredients on hand, I can whip up a healthy, hearty, yummy salad in short order with:

  • Greens (I use romaine for crunch and baby arugula.  Choose your favorites but make sure to include some dark greens for more nutrients.)
  • Hard boiled eggs (eggs often get a bad rap but they contain a lot of protein and are good for you in moderation.
  • Cheese – we splurge a bit and use crumbled blue, but any kind will do.
  • Ripe Avocado
  • Croutons or toasted walnuts
  • Clear out the veggie bin if you like – add carrots, cukes, tomatoes, olives, peppers
  • Left over chicken or beef – slice or dice and add.
  • Chick peas or lentils – throw those in too.
  • Mix all with your favorite vinaigrette, season with salt and pepper.

The creamy avocado and eggs are a nice contrast to crunchy greens and veggies.  Delicious, refreshing, healthy and you get to clear the fridge!

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