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Added Sugar – How Much?

Added Sugar – How Much?


Added sugar is just that:  anything that is not in whole foods.   For instance, it would be sugar added to baked goods, soda, tea, coffee, packaged goods, and on and on.  Because sugar is added to so many processed food products (even things that are not conventionally regarded as “sweets”), it’s hard to get a handle on just how much we consume — but by all accounts, it’s a lot.  And the effects are not good – sugar consumption contributes to rising obesity rates, type 2 diabetes and numerous other health problems.

The photo at the top illustrates a few food products and their sugar content, relative to the amount of added sugar recommended by the American Heart Association (pictures on the right, for adult women and men).  As you can see, a 12-ounce can of soda exceeds the amount recommended for both women (25 grams) and men (37.5 grams).  Labeling required by the FDA includes the number of grams of sugar per serving.  It’s important to read the label, noticing how many servings there are and the number of grams of sugar per serving.  Enjoy desserts and treats, but remember that it’s important to curb consumption and make wise choices.


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